Amazing Tattoo Designs

Let's face it, people who like tattoos are always looking for the next amazing tattoo design to set themselves apart from the crowd and although this might seem like an easy task, anyone who has been through it knows differently. Sometimes it can just hit you, you see something in a picture or in a museum or even in a movie and bingo! that's it - you know straight away that this is your next tattoo. If you're one of the lucky ones (those who can draw beautifully from imagination) you can scribble it down and take your own amazing tattoo design to your tattooist and within no time at all your dream is a reality. However, most of us are not that lucky and whilst we have willing and creative minds which think up all these amazing tattoo designs we have weak and stubborn fingers who insist on not getting the picture (literally!).

Body art has been with us from the year dot when ancient cave men used it not only for camouflage but also to mark themselves and their tribesmen out from other rival tribes. Indeed, the word ' tattoo' is derived from the ancient Tahitian word "tattau" meaning to mark.
Since then tattoos have evolved into a serious art form and most people are into their body art because it is beautiful and because it makes a personal statement about themselves. Choosing your amazing tattoo design can be a minefield though. Just think of all the Chinese symbols for example. Do you know what they mean - and moreover, do you expect your tattooist to know? A very good friend of mine had a Chinese symbol tattoo done a couple of years back. It was a beautifully intricate design on his left shoulder with symbols surrounded by oriental dragons and magnificent colours. He was born in the year of the dragon and his wife was born under the sign of the dog. The symbol was suppose to say something like ' dragon will honour dog in life and death". However he has since discovered that although it does say that it could also be construed as "dragon will curse dogs honour in life and death".

The same is true of Celtic or Egyptian symbols, and if you fancy something a bit out of the ordinary it's best to do loads of research first and be sure your symbol says exactly what you want it to say. Remember, your tattoo artist is just that, an amazing artist - NOT an expert in all sorts of ancient scripts and symbols!!

When you know it's time for another tattoo (or indeed when you've taken the decision to have your first) it is wise to take some time and look into various styles and designs and also think hard about where on your body you want to have it done. I know some women who have had amazing tattoos designed and inked all around their belly buttons only to discover that when they are pregnant (and subsequently left with stretch marks) the fabulous butterfly looks just a bit less fabulous than it did on a tanned and taut abdomen! Also, think about it from an employment point of view. Like it or not, a tattoo is not always viewed favourably by prospective employers. This is not such a problem for males, however lots of women get tattoos around their ankle or lower leg and, if in a professional capacity you need to wear a smart skirt suit, then it could make things just a little bit difficult.

Consider also, that your tattoo will be with you for life. Now, I know this is always the argument against having a tattoo, especially when it's your first one, however it is a valid one. You must be committed to the design you choose as it will be with you for a very long time. In my opinion, it's best to steer clear of the 'fashionable' tattoo styles, the ones that come in fad's and disappear a year or two later leaving your skin very 'last season'! Choose something that means something to you, something that has a little personal story behind it. Then, when people remark on your tattoo and ask about it (and they will!) you have something interesting to say about it and about yourself too.

Emergency Plan For A Bikini Butt!


Victoria, I am going on a summer vacation with my husband in two weeks and I need help getting my a** in a swimsuit without wearing one of those old lady ones like my grandmother has. You know the one with the built in skirt. Help Victoria! What can I do? - J. McMurphy Hello Ms J. You sure know how to challenge me don’t you? First... whatever you do, make sure your husband does NOT see you in a “skirt swimsuit”. There is only so much Viagra can do girlfriend! Second... I have some great tips for your "exit muscles" (the last ones people see when you leave the room) to look presentable. If you are really strict, you may look so good, your husband won’t want you to exit the room at all on this year's vacation! A few years ago, I needed to get ready for a swimsuit photo shoot at the exclusive Beverly Hills Celebrity hotel LeMontrose. I was not happy with my "rear view" so I put together this emergency bikini butt regime. It worked beautifully. After working my plan, my legs were more defined, my butt was tighter and, shall I say, high and lifted up. I felt great at the photo shoot. My results were validated when the rapper (name withheld) who was not in need of a tan, kept coming out by the pool and accidentally dropping his D&G sunglasses every other minute. I think I must have looked great to him. He was sneaking a look at my "assets" as he was pretending to recover his D&G’s. Okay Ms. J. get out your highlighter, print this page and highlight the tips you will follow diligently, even while you are on vacation. That’s right.

The last thing you want to do is look great the first day, then go on a “I’m on vacation” binge fest and bloat up like those cute little gold fish snacks.

1. Get Mentally and Spiritually ready. Center yourself. Prayers, affirmations and meditation are great ways to relax and make the preparation for your vacation and a fun and exciting challenge. 2. Start drinking at least 10 cups of water a day right away. The last 3 - 4 days I will add in a cup of herbal diuretic tea a day. The days when I'm drinking the tea I cut my water in half.

3. Do sixty minutes of cardio each day at a low-moderate intensity. You will want to do this for at least two weeks before your vacation, or as much time as you have before you leave. You can break this up into two sessions if you need to, but one long session is optimal. My Swimsuit Shape Up Collection is a great way to get that cardio in each day. Don't balk, we're getting ready for vacation here!

4. Sculpt and Tone every other day, do a full body workout with light-weights, with special emphasis on plies’, lunges, floorwork - leg lifts and donkey kicks. 3 sets of 25 reps per side of each exercise. Do your abdominals every other day as well. Figure out your three favorite abdominal exercises and review last week’ s abdominal hollowing tips and apply them.

5. Do not eat after 7:00 PM. That means NOTHING at 7:00PM. Water or tea but no calories. This is a big key!

6. Eat clean staying away from salt, sugar, desserts, ice cream and dairy. My Quick Start Fat Loss Program is perfect way to diet for optimal health and conditioning. If you don't have it already, pick one up today!

7. Increase Low Glycemic Index foods which help with weight release such as cabbage, onions, broccoli, cooked tomatoes, beans, wheat and certain fruit.

8. AVOID ALL HIGH Glycemic Foods. I have an extensive list in my Quick Start Fat Loss Program. Do NOT eat these foods. They could turn to fat faster than butter.

9. Eat 4-5 meals a day slightly smaller than my normal servings. Go easy on the condiments. For the last three days during the diuretic phase, omit any high salt food, condiments and drink distilled water.

10. Finally use a series of Herbal Baths to smooth and tighten the skin around your legs, hips and buns. Take 2 - 3 baths a week for 30 minutes each. You'll need the downtime with all that cardio and sculpting! In addition to working on any remaining cellulite areas, the baths will help detoxify your skin and improve your overall complexion. Okay girlfriend, you have some great tips for getting you’re a** ready for your revealing beach unveiling. You can do it. If you start today, you can possibly lose up to an inch or even more in your hips and thighs for that awesome vacation. Have a great time, and send me some photos! God Bless and make it the Best Week Ever!,

Celebrity Hairstyles of 2006

Celebrity Hairstyles Of 2006 - An Overview

Report this article if you suspect it is not original content, is in violation of our Editorial Guidelines or our Author's Terms of Service.We are fascinated by celebrities and their lives. So fascinated in fact that many of us will try to copy both their lifestyles and their looks. A glance at celebrity hairstyles of 2006 explains the benefits of these hairstyles and why women (and men sometimes) should adopt them. Although celebrities are changing their looks all the time, some of these hairstyles have an evergreen feel to them. Among some of the more way out styles are smooth and curly styles that are based on styles from the sixties and seventies. These retro styles are given a slight modern twist and are adopted by celebrities who then set the trend for the rest of us.
Medium to Longer Hair Most of the celebrity hairstyles of 2006 are aimed at people who have grown their hair. Reece Witherspoon star of the blockbuster Sweethome Alabama is rapidly catching up with Julia Roberts as the highest paid female star. Women want to look like her and because she sports a style that has withstood the tests of time it is a good bet that many women will be having their hair styled in the same way. It’s a style that’s been around since the sixties and seventies and is popular because of its carefree look. Large, loose curls ensure that the style easily falls into place which means that you can go from work to a night on the town with no problems.
Shorter Hairstyles There are not many short celebrity hairstyles of 2006 but taking a look around we can see that Britney Spears has had her locks shortened and gone for a shorter, shaggier style. This star still has a huge following among younger girls which means that this is probably one of the celebrity hairstyles of 2006 that we can expect to see more of. Labeled as a bob by the press it is a bit of a misnomer. Bobs tend to be very neat and tidy whereas this style tends to be more shaggy. The style gets its shabby appearance from the roll back that is a result of bangs and a slight feathering around the bottom. Just as she dumped black for blond, this short for long look shows that Britney is determined to keep her look fresh and new.
Curly Styles If you aren’t keen on the straight or shaggy looks that have been part of the celebrity hairstyles of 2006 then you might want to take a look at Shanna Moakla’s style. The head turning and caressable softness of this look is definitely back in style. Forget the feathering, the latest in celebrity hairstyles of 2006 sees a return of volume, achieved by the use of big, heated rollers. So get started and give yourself the hairstyles of the stars.
Summary Celebrity hair styles of 2006 are old favorites with a modern twist. Interest in every aspect of celebrities lives also extends to their hairstyles. So watch out for a lot of copy cats.